G9 temp controlled portable enail has arrived.  We lovingly refer to it as the TC Port and it has fast become one of Hightimes hottest new products in 2017.  We feature the industry’s only silicon carbide(SIC) nail which gives great flavor and can handle high heat in addition to a quartz, ceramic and titanium nail thus dabbers around the world enjoy differently to suit their taste.  G9 gives you all of the best options in the TC Port.  G9 has the most advanced technology in the cannabis tech industry for a battery powered dab rig.  TC Port’s real-time temperature control gives you the power to medicate more efficiently.TC Port is able to stand on its own and you can select two different temperatures on the easy-to-read digital display as well as chart the remaining battery status.  G9 has partnered with some of USA’s best glass blowers to design this signature bubbler which we are that certain you will enjoy the clean hit each time.  Impress your friends with the USA designed bubbler and four kinds of heating chamber nails–G9 has brought you a higher level of mobile dabbing in seconds.  Now you’re ready to Dab!



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